Edea - Brio


Edea Brio – skate set is a good choice for a small beginner figure skater. Unique design adds stability. Skates needs to be sharpened before use.


The Edea Brio – skates are designed for beginner-level skaters and for hobby-skaters. With these skates you could learn the basics of figure ice skating.

The attached blade is made of high-quality steel, which is specially modified for figure skating.
If possible, it`s recommended to fit the ice skates before the purchase.


It is also possible to order these skates in black by sending us an Email to: info@goldenskate.fi

The blades have to be sharpened before use!
If you want to receive ‘ready to use’ ice skates, you have to additionally order a blade sharpening service.

Click here for the sharpening!

Please remember to dry the blade after each use and protect it while in storage.