Roll Line Roller Skate Blades


Roll Line figure skate blade for roller skating. Please note that the wheels and the shoes are sold separately.

Roll Line figure skate blade for roller skating. This roller frame is designed to provide the best performance in roller skating for all figure skating enthusiasts.

The frame is carved from solid aluminum block to ensure a great resistance to shocks and an elevate tensile and torsion strength. The frame has a motion-promoting swing system that mimics the feel of a figure skate blade on ice. The middle ring can be adjusted to six different positions, making it possible to make arches and turns with roller skates.

The unique toe pick of the “Toe picks stopper” provides the best angle for performing jumps, pirouettes and steps.

The kit includes a frame to attach to the skating shoes and “Toe picks stoppers”. Please note that wheels and shoes are sold separately. You can also bring us your old skate shoes to which we will attach the roller skate blades. You can order the attachment of the blades from the link below.

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  • 6 different setting options for curvature control allow turns and arcs to be made even outside the ice
  • A rail made of aluminum that offers excellent impact resistance and tensile strength
  • “Toe picks stoppers” allow you to perform jumps, pirouettes and steps
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