Sparrow Purple and White Headband


Sparrow white and Purple Headband with a skater print

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Sparrow Purple and White headband is made of soft Vuelta material. Headband has a skater print in front. Circumference (unstretched) is 46 cm.

VUELTA is breathable and very suitable for the manufacture of clothing for difficult conditions (cold, heat, high abrasion, frequent washing, etc.) It is elastic and heat-resistant and pleasant on the skin. It has a high thermal insulation, creating a sort of protective cushion. Its excellent breathability and the antibacterial treatment applied to this exclusive fabric, boost the natural moisture wicking process, preventing bacteria proliferation and the consequent creation of bad smell. Increased durability and resistance to abrasion of this fabric give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports for longer time.

Composition: 85% Polyamid, 15% Elastane.


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