Skater coat racks


Made to order skater-coat rack that is personalized just for you!

These beautiful figure skater coat racks were designed by the Golden Skate team to fit your unique taste and personality!
   The coat racks are hand-made in Tampere out of high quality wood, with Swarovski crystals for added sparkle.
Each coat rack is customized, you can choose the colors, and a name that would be carved on it to make it completely your own.
This product could be a very special gift for yourself or your loved skater. 

If you choose to add a name carving, write the name in the order comments box.


Biellmann skater- height: 31 cm, wide 10 cm.

Sit spin skater- height: 23 cm, wide 22 cm.

Please take into consideration that the production time can be up to three weeks.

This product was developed in collaboration with