Jackson Ultima – Artiste


Jackson Ultima’s Artiste – skate is a good quality basic skate for amateur skaters. It has Flex notch for added flexibility. Blades needs to be sharpened before use.

Jackson Ultima Artiste – Skates are for beginners as well as amateurs. Suitable for children and adults. With these skates you can learn the basics of figure skating.

Installed blades: Ultima Mark IV made of high quality steel specifically designed for figure skating.

Soft and airy vinyl sheathing, synthetic lining – for maximum comfort.
Stylish and lightweight PVC sole
Ultima Mark IV Blades
It is advisable to try on skates before buying.

It is also possible to order these skates in black by sending us an Email to: info@goldenskate.fi

The blades have to be sharpened before use!
If you want to receive ‘ready to use’ ice skates, you have to additionally order a blade sharpening service.

Click here to order a sharpening service

Please remember to dry the blade after each use and protect it while in storage.

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