Round Pirouette board


A round pirouette board- Twister.

Round pirouette board or pirouette spoon for additional training.

Use the pirouette to find the center of your body, which is the basis of all balance. With the round pirouette spoon you can practice without ice, for example, pirouettes, series of steps, jumps and descents. With regular training, you develop quickly in maintaining balance, weight transfers such as jumps, steps, and rotation and speed.

Practice either under the supervision of your coach, in group exercises, or at home. When preparing for competitions, you can practice, for example, in the corridors of the ice rink.

When you buy a board, you will receive the Golden Spin Pirouboard online course of your choice (in Finnish language). The code is sent with the board. The value of your benefit is 10.00-15.00 euros!

To support your home practice, you can find online pirouette courses here (Finnish language)!

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