Risport - Venus


Risport Venus is affordable and good quality skating set for beginners. The blades must be sharpen before using. You can buy sharpening from Golden Skate website.

Risport Venus are affordable and good quality skating set for beginners. Suitable for children. With these skates you can learn the basics of figure skating.

Blades are already mounted on the boots. The blade on the skate is specially designed for figure skating and for the beginners. The boot is wide.

It is advisable to try on skates before buying.

Stiffness Index: 25

  • Comfort, Widths
  • PVC upper
  • Highly breathable lining
  • Easy to latch hooks

It is advised to fit the shoes before making a purchase decision.

When you visit on site, we will also do a posture check on foot.

The blades have to be sharpened before use! If you want to receive ‘ready to use’ ice skates, you have additionally order a blade sharpening service. You can buy blades, mounting and sharpening services from Golden Skate as well.

Want to buy skates that perfectly fits your feet, but cannot find time to come to our shop? It is also possible to fit the shoes for you also from home! Email us to info@goldenskate.fi an outline drawings and exact dimensions of both feet from heel to longest toe and we will contact you to determine the correct size. We will be happy to help with any questions also by phone 050-4048685.

    It is possible to order the skates also in black, just send us an E-mail with your request to info@goldenskate.fi!

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