Edea E Guards Playful Blade Guards for small size skates


Edea E-Guards Playful, flexible plastic guards for small size skates

Edea E-Guards, Playful

The new generation of skating guards will completely change your life on the field!

Inspired by nature, E-Guards need to be completely redesigned to provide better water drainage and protection, and are so easy and quick to use.

It’s one song, no shouting, no parts, no assembly! It stretches to fit most sizes.
It is suitable for single skating blade sizes 7 – 8 and Dance blades sizes 8 – 8 ¼.

The unique vertebral profile supports the blade and protects the edges.

Superior water out of the shield means drier blades and less rust.

Wider plastic grip and finish make walking easier.

The rubber sole is softer and quieter. No more clicks.

It is designed to fit all types of blades!

Don’t wait, just buy and walk in your own blade guards!

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