Edea E-spinner for beginners


Now practice jumping and spinning at home with Edea E-spin!

Spinner is a pirouette board. With it you can train ice skating techniques on land, e.g. jumps, pirouettes and steps. The design and technology of the board allows you to practice both pirouettes and jumps. Body strengthening, posture and balance also develop when using the board. The board is made of nylon and mimics the feeling and movement on ice.

Edea Spinner Special Features:

*The focus of the board is on the front of the board to bring a realistic experience to the pirouettes
*To achieve better balance and pirouette speed, the sloping profile of the board is higher
*The width of the board makes training easier
*The board is very good for warm-up exercises and should be used on a hard, flat surface

For safety reasons, make sure the area where you are training is unobstructed when exercising. It is not recommended to use the board on wooden surfaces due to scratching of the floor.

Practice makes perfect, Cheers!

When you buy a board, you will receive the Golden Spin Pirouette online course of your choice. The code is sent with the board. The value of your benefit is 10.00-15.00 euros!

To support your home practice, you can find Golden Spin online pirouette courses here! (in Finnish language)

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