John Wilson - Coronation ACE


John Wilson Coronation ACE – If you are leaving a boot/blade combination set and plan on developing your axel and double jumpsthis is our recommended option.  

John Wilson Coronation ACE – blade is one of the most popular blade models among skaters of intermediate and advanced levels of skating. Used mainly for the study of double jumps and axels. The blades are also suitable for synchronized skating.

The blade has a crossed tooth arrangement.
Made of high quality steel specially designed for figure skating.

A skater moving up in skill will appreciate the responsiveness of the 7 ft rocker profile and, due to its coarse cross-cut tooth configuration, this option is highly recommended for its reliability when learning new components. It is precision-hardened to offer a strong skating edge.

Please remember: you have to dry the blades after every use and protect it with a blade cover.

If you want to get a ready-to-use blades, please choose additionally the blade sharpening service.

These blades can be fitted to your pre-owned boots or to any other boot that we have in our stock. All the additional services and products are available in Golden Skate shop.

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