MK – Dynasty


MK Dynasty – blades are designed for top-level skaters. Suitable for ice dancing and synchronized skating. The most common synchronized skating model in the world.

MK Dynasty has increased stanchion height because boot clearance equals deeper edges.

Hybrid heel length – that finds middle ground between dancer foot placement and freestyle dynamics. Legendary pick configuration – for a confident anchor when you place the toe. Elegantly redesigned stanchions -enhance the pointed toe aesthetic. The Dynasty will perform as the best synchronized  blade on the market and  is versatile enough to be used in everyday individual training as well.

Please remember: you have to dry the blades after every use and protect it with a blade cover.

If you want to get a ready-to-use blades, please choose additionally the blade sharpening service.

These blades can be fitted to your pre-owned boots or to any other boot that we have in our stock. All the additional services and products are available in Golden Skate shop.

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